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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
So I'm currently running through the web to catch up on hip-hop news, you know to check on current tours, album releases, scribble jam updates things like that. But what do I run across? Who's been shot and who's in trouble with the law. Seriously, who gives a damn! Sometimes it seems to me that hip-hop has turned into a circus for people to laugh at. This type of reporting is demoralizing the culture. If you to 'represent' come forward with the good hip-hop is bringing to the table, not all the nonsense artists create for themselves, besides that's their business, let it be. These people are building a personal foundation based others flaws, how credible is that? Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of good sources to get real and true news, I'm just calling on the people who feel their front page headlines have to look like a 'rap' sheet.
Friday, May 26, 2006

Okay, to start this off I want to talk about some of the issues that have emerged from the explosion of hip-hop. I recently wrote a report for a Theories of Communication class at my school, and I compared the correlations between the culture of hip-hop and George Gerbner's Cultivation theory. What Gerbner focused on was the influence of the mass media on the attitudes and perceptions of reality. I found it very easy to find similarities to what Gerbner was saying and what has been and is happening in hip-hop. We've all seen the influence this culture has on not just American culture but it has expanded internationally. It's not so much the major companies have taken hip-hop culture and capitalized from it, but the fact that what people are exposed to, through a variety of media, tend to believe what they are taking in to be true. The saturation of violence, sex, and just overall carelessness has put hip-hop in the hot spot. People who get their dose of 'urban' music from such companies as MTV and BET are programmed to believe that is hip-hop. And what do these programs show you, mostly bullshit. I know this is my opinion but, Mike Jones is not a top ten emcee, Eminem is not the first white rapper, and 106 and Park is not the voice of hip-hop. I'm saying we need to take responsibility to protect this culture and uphold the real meaning of the name. I believe part of the problem is just what Gerbner says, people are believing that what they see depicted on TV or hear on radio stations, and they are labeling it all hip-hop. It's crazy for me to even think that people believe most of the nonsense that is on the television. 97% of hip-hop related content you will see on TV is pure entertainment. Let's go beyond the mediums and break the stereotypes, take this away from the enemies so us who have accepted hip-hop into our lives can elevate.
In the most recent Elemental magazine #47, Chuck D's monthly article, 'On The Real,' points out the need for more town hall meetings. Meaning people need to get together, more than just once a month, and talk about the current state, the good, the bad, the advancement of hip-hop culture. Someone once told me 'organization is the key to success,' now we all know the tremendous success hip-hop has had in the past, present and beyond, but it may not come full circle if we don't organize.

Monday, May 22, 2006
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